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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

My science journal 

This week we are experimenting with slime.
I saw that the slime was sticky, thick, and wet.
Also, as I examined the bucket of slime I noticed that the slime was the colour of the grass on the back field.
I thought it looked a bit like jelly because it wobbles.
I wonder if we put a lot more water in the slime, it would just turn into a liquid because it was really thick.
I think I am multi-structural because I have many ideas, but usually I don't use them at the right time.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Being a Responsible Citizen

Are you a responsible citizen?
Intro: In He Tangata this term we have been focusing on being a responsible citizen.

Being a responsible citizen is not an easy thing to do,
But even if it is hard to do, being a responsible citizen is a great thing to be.
You can help others, teach them new skills with sport and other stuff and they can extend their own learning.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

My solo map

My solo map
The stage I am at is multistructural
Because I have many ideas but sometimes I don't use them at the right time.
Ex-    Sometimes I pick up rubbish and sometimes I just walk past it, and egnor it.
I need to help the environment to get to the next stage by picking up rubbish and not just walking past it and egnoring it.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


What do I work hard at?

It was a cold and raining day.
I ran onto the field with rain dripping through my hair,
the game starts.
I run as fast as I can, as I was just about to kick the ball I slipped on the grass.
Luckily my friend got the ball, and then one of the other team players got the ball,
but didn't score, thankfully.
Just then one of my teammates got the ball and he went running to the goal and he scored!!!!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Ko Levi ahau

I am a super speedy BMW sports car,
 speeding through my learning.
I am a  Sky tower,
building up my learning.
I am a pack of lego,
Building my way up to the next step.
I am a orange,
Sometimes I am sour and sometimes I am sweet.
I am a hot batch of lasagne,
Getting everyone to learn what I learned.
I am a gun,
Shooting through my learning.

Ko Levi ahau
I am Levi